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Dog Training and Walking "The Positive Way"

Dog Training


Group Classes

  • Classes are a 1 hour a week for 4 weeks.  
  • Classes are a ratio of 1:5 (1 instructor to every 5 puppies/dogs). 
  • Please Note: All dogs must have a up-to-date vaccine record. 
  • Also, classes will be postponed on any statutory holiday or weekend of a statutory holiday, and will resume the following week. a description about this category

Puppy Pre School - 4 Weeks - $140


Puppies 8 weeks - 20 weeks (5 months) 

This 4 week class emphasizes the importance of proper socialization and good canine manners. We touch on sit, down, stand, loose leash walking and introduce “come”. We will also work on “leave it”, “drop it” and “wait”. There will be lots of fun and learning for the whole family. We will also discuss common puppy problems.  Note: All puppies must have proof or at least 1st set of vaccines for this class.  

Start Date: Wednesday July 31 @ 7:00 pm (this class will be outside & puppies MUST have their 2nd set of vaccines)

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Companion Dog I - 4 weeks - $140


Puppies/Dogs  - 5 months and older or have completed Puppy PreSchool 

This class is focused on training your dog to be a well-behaved, enjoyable companion. The following will be covered; coming when called, loose leash walking, "sit", "down", "stand", "stay", waiting at doors, greeting people, "leave it", and "drop it". We will discuss common behavioural problems and how to solve them.    

Note: All dogs must have proof of up-to-date vaccines.  

Start Date: Wednesday July 31 @ 8:00 pm (this class will be outside)

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Companion Dog II - 4 Weeks - $140


This class is for dogs that have graduated from Companion Dog I (or equivalence from another school).

Come join us for the next step. We will challenge both you and your companion by proofing previously learned behaviours with fun distractions. We will also learn behaviours such as being able to walk away from your dog during a stay, automatic "sit", "around and finish" during a recall, and lots of continuing work on loose leash walking. We will also learn behaviours for every day living, such as "go to your mat". This promises to be a fast paced fun class.

Start Date: Wednesday June 26th @ 8:00 pm (this class will be outside)

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Private Training


1 Private lesson $60/hr

4 Week private course $220 

***Please be advised the above prices is for general obedience and basic behaviour issues.  I am more than happy to refer you to a behaviour specialist if you have more serious behaviour issues. (i.e. aggression; towards people or dogs, separation anxiety, fear related problems, etc...)